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JerryB JerryA.jpg


This is Jerry.  If ever there was a fun-loving dog, Jerry is it!  Jerry’s family had to surrender him due to an impending move out of the country that prevented his going with them.  Jerry is 8 years old, in good health, very happy, and gets along well with other dogs and children.  Don’t let Jerry’s new hairstyle fool you – shaved!  He is one sweet Golden boy.  If you would like to foster or adopt Jerry, please call us at 904-868-3308, email us at info@coastalgrr.org, or send us a message on our Facebook page.  Jerry is a great dog and very excited about finding a new home!




Please welcome Bubba!  Bubba is an 8 year old male Golden Retriever mix who is very sweet and minds very well.  Bubba is great with kids and with other dogs and cats.  He has an eye issue right now, but it should be cleared up soon.  Because of the very matted condition of his coat, he had to be shaved, but he should be back to gorgeous soon when it grows out!  We have learned from our veterinarian that he has heartworms so he will be undergoing treatment for that soon.  Bubba is looking for someone to open their heart and home to foster him.  If you think you might be able to foster him, please either call us at 904-868-3308, email us at info@coastalgrr.org, or send us a message on our Facebook page.  He is a sweetheart!












Say Hi to Harley, a sweet, 13 year old female Golden Retriever.  Her mom said she knows Harley is usually a boy’s name, but she really likes the name!  Harley has an eye infection that is affecting her vision, but she’s being treated.  She has a large build, about 100 lbs., but is very sweet and very active.  She loves her toys and her bed and would prefer to be in a home where someone is there most of the time, as she’s always had her mom at home.  Her mom is very sick and no longer able to care for her.  Harley doesn’t seem to care so much for small dogs, but likes the cat where she lives (not sure how she feels about larger dogs).  Her mom decided to give her a haircut with scissors at home, so that’s why her pretty cut looks a bit choppy right now.  It’ll grow!  If you think you might be interested in giving Miss Harley a foster home (or permanent home), please call us at 904-868-3308, email us at info@coastalgrr.org, or send us a message on our Facebook page.  Harley is anxious about finding her new home.  She is currently boarding at one of our rescue veterinarian clinics.







We are hoping to find someone who would like to foster Ghost permanently for Coastal.  We will pay all of Ghost’s required medical costs for the rest of his life.  Ghost is 12 years old and very, very sweet.  He is blind, but that has not dampened his spirit or hindered his activity.  Please call us at 904-868-3308 if you have space in your heart and home for this precious Golden Retriever.









We are bringing in two beautiful Goldens tomorrow and would like to know if anyone would be interested and able to foster one or both after they have been vetted and groomed. There is one senior boy named Ghost who is 12 and is Jabba’s dad. We have been told that he is blind. The other Golden is a 3 year old male whose name is Jabba. These fellas have lived with kids, cats and dogs with no issues. They have been living in their backyard it seems, but after this week, the owners will have moved away with no way to care for these angels. Help us give these guys a new home!!!! Call 904-868-3308, email us at info@coastalgrr.org, or message us on FB. Call or write if you have space in your heart and home!














Coastal would like to introduce Maddie to everyone. Maddie is a 12 year old male whose “mom” is very ill and can no longer care for him. A hard decision for her for sure. Maddie is a big, strong boy (95 lbs.), very sweet and energetic, so would do best in a good sized yard and with someone strong to walk him. Maddie was the owner’s husband’s dog and really enjoys being around men. As a special bonus, Maddie was trained as a service dog for his owner (the husband who has since passed away). If you would like more information on this sweet boy, please send us a message, call Brenda at (904) 868-3308 or email her at bbKA471@bellsouth.net. Maddie would love to have a new furever home. These two photos show a younger Maddie and one of him today.






***NEWS FLASH!!!! Riley and Cooper are being adopted together – just in time for Christmas. We are thrilled for these sweet, adorable brothers. Thank you to the Oakes family.***


We’re getting two furry elves for Christmas at Coastal! Say hi to Cooper and Riley, 9 month old Golden Retriever brothers. Their mom has had them since July, but just learned that her new job will keep her traveling every week. That’s no life for active pups, so she called Coastal to find new homes. It would be wonderful to keep these cuties together, but we realize that may not be possible. These guys will be neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped this week and then will be ready to go! Aside from being active puppies, they are loving, patient, and listen well according to their current owner. No issues – they get along with other dogs, cats, children and generally, all people. Although they are not crate trained, they are housebroken! An adoption application will be required (www.coastalgrr.org on the forms/fees/policies page). If interested in both or just one of these boys, email us at info@coastalgrr.org, FB message us, or call 904-868-3308
















BELLA  –  Merry Christmas, Bella!  SHE WAS ADOPTED TODAY!!  We are thrilled for this sweet girl and wish her many love-filled years.  :-)

Sweet Bella is a 5 yr old Tan point Cocker Spaniel, looking for a forever home. She is up to date on all shots and spayed. Wonderful with Kids and Cats. Plays fetch and does tricks for treats. Bella does however want to be an only dog. Bella came to the rescue with a Golden Retriever to be placed and we had thought she had found her happy home; however, she is not getting along with the other dogs in the same residence. She is perfect on a leash or in public around other animals and has been to a couple of our events. Bella deserves the perfect home – she’s such a loving girl!!  If you are interested in Bella, please apply at http://www.costalgrr.org/, on the forms/fees/policies page and mention Bella. Please let us know if you have any questions.











Say hello to Redd! He is hoping that he will have a really good Christmas in a new furever home. His family is unable to keep him because Redd is hiding from their very young children – a 3 year old and a 6 month old. Apparently, he doesn’t like alot of noise and high activity, so he wants to find a quieter home. Redd is about 10 years old and is up to date on all vaccines and in good health. Redd is not a barky boy, so that’s a plus. If you would like to meet this beautiful boy (he comes to us Monday, November 30) to foster and/or make him your own, please call Brenda at 904-868-3308 or email/FB message Coastal. An adoption application is required and can be found at www.coastalgrr.org on the forms/fees/policies page.






Benelli has arrived! We welcome 9 month old Benelli to Coastal. His “mother” is in the military and is having to surrender him, as she is moving to Japan and unable to take him. Benelli is cute, sweet, housebroken, current on all vaccines, being neutered today, and looking for a forever home. If you think you might like to foster and/or adopt Benelli, give us a call at 904-868-3308 or send us a message/email. He is still a puppy, so expect an excited boy who needs to be taught not to jump up. Right now, he may be a little too energetic for smaller children, but he’s smart and can be trained.





MAE   (Mae’s foster mom is keeping her!!)

Join us in welcoming Mae back into our rescue! Mae was adopted in December of last year, but is being surrendered due to an unanticipated family situation (the adoptive mom’s parents are having to move in with her due to medical issues). But Mae need not worry, as we are certain we will find her another great home! Mae is a beautiful, 7 year old Labradoodle whose only issue is that she has been known to dart out of open doors! Other than that, she’s a wonderful pet in every way, up to date on everything, and gets along with everyone. If you think you might like to meet this sweet lady, call us at 904-868-3308 or send us a message/email.







Welcome to Mr. KJ (King James!). This handsome boy came into our rescue today. His family is dealing with some challenges and is no longer able to care for him. We will put a smile back on his face, though, as we are certain there is someone ready to love this boy forever! Mr. KJ is 6 years old and very strong – 95 pounds of muscle. He will need someone who is very active and able to handle his strength. He rides well in a car, loves water, and is good with other dogs; however, he is not fond of cats. Up to date on all vaccines, Mr. KJ is scheduled to be neutered tomorrow. If you would be interested in fostering this handsome fellow (or fostering with the intention of adopting), please call us at 904-868-3308 or send us a message.











Our big bear, Benson, is looking for a permanent foster home – a place where he can live out his days with companionship and love. Coastal will take care of any medical expenses, although he seems to be in good condition. The ideal home for him would be one where his humans do not have to leave him everyday for long periods of time. He just wants to have someone around to love him everyday. If you think your situation would be a match for Benson, and you would be willing to open your heart to this sweetheart, please let us know. Call 904-868-3308 or send us a message – Facebook or our email: info@coastalgrr.org








Hi!  My name is Willow and I’m a Goldendoodle cutie pie.  I am 2 years old, love other dogs and kids, and am a little shy.  My family is unable to keep me, so they called Coastal, and I am sooooo glad.  I’m a good girl, housebroken, crate-trained, and very sweet.  I am current on my vaccinations, spayed, and have my very own microchip.  If you think you might like to meet me, please go to the forms/fees/policies page on the Coastal website and complete the adoption application.  Be sure to tell them Willow sent you!






JAKE   –   K-9’s For Warriors!!!!!!!


We have wonderful news!  Jake, our 7 month old male puppy who was just surrendered to Coastal, has been evaluated and accepted into the K-9’s for Warriors program in Ponte Vedra, Florida. This is an honor for Jake, and also for Coastal Golden Retriever Rescue!  We want to make a difference in the lives of our veterans who have returned from active service, as they begin the next chapter in their lives.  Because there are very specific requirements for these service dogs, most of the dogs entering rescue do not qualify due to age, medical issues, and/or behavioral issues.  So, we are thrilled for Jake and the warrior with whom he will be matched, as we know both lives will be changed in a positive way and greatly enriched.  Congratulations, Jake!!

“K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to our warriors suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injury and/or military sexual trauma as a result of military service post 9/11. Our goal is to empower them to return to civilian life with dignity and independence. K9s For Warriors is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.”

For those of you who were hoping to make Jake your Golden, we appreciate your interest and know that you understand and appreciate the gift that Jake will be giving his new warrior.  There will be other Goldens soon for you to meet, so stay tuned!




Courtesy Post for Dr. Wallace at Doctors Inlet Animal Hospital: We are excited to post two adorable dogs who are looking for their forever homes, as a courtesy for Dr. Wallace at Doctors Inlet Animal Hospital, one of our rescue veterinarians. If you would like more information on either, or both, of these cuties, please call Doctors Inlet AH at 904-264-5222.

CLIFFORD (on the right in the photo) is a 17 month old male who appears to be a Hound and possibly, Rhodesian Ridge…back mix. All muscle, he loves to give kisses and, of course, will do anything for a treat! He plays well with others (K-9 and human) and knows “sit”, “shake” and “down”. He loves attention and loves to play. He is current on all vaccines and heartworm negative.

ALLIE (on the left in the photo) is a 6 year old Golden and possibly, Border Collie mix. Allie is very sweet, enjoys playing with children, has a beautiful coat, and loves attention. She is current on all vaccines and also heartworm negative. Allie had a wonderful home before coming into rescue, but her elderly “dad” passed away, and there was no one in the family who was able to care for her.







Say howdy to Rusty! What a classic senior Golden boy. Rusty was surrendered by a family who can no longer care for him due to major changes in their lives. He is 11, current on all vaccines, heartworm negative, housebroken, and is overweight. However, his weight should drop quickly, now that he is on thyroid medication. He is very laid back, very sweet, loves other dogs and cats, and is one big love bug. He is at his foster home with his paws crossed that he’ll find his forever home soon!   If you would like to meet Rusty, please call us at 904-868-3308 or email info@coastalgrr.org.  Adoption applications can be completed at www.coastalgrr.org on the forms/fees/policies page.








Welcome David from South Carolina! David is a beautiful flat coated retriever, probably about 8 years old. We rescued him from a shelter, so we can’t be certain of his age. He is up to date on his vaccines, very laid back and a little shy, but as nice as he can be. David is looking for a foster home while we search for a forever home for him. If you have an interest in fostering (or adopting) David, please call us at 904-868-3308 or email us at info@coastalgrr.org. We would need an application (foster or adoption) completed which can be found on our website at www.coastalgrr.org on the forms/fees/policies page.







This cute little “Princess” is looking for love, definitely in all the right places! Because her family is now going through a lot of turmoil in their life, they can no longer care for her, so they called Coastal, and we’re going to find Princess a terrific new home. She is 18 months old, about 55 pounds, light blond, really sweet and very playful. And did we mention that she’s also very obedient? She is current on all vaccines, spayed, heartworm negative, and has her own microchip. All she needs now is a furever home, and she’ll be content. If you think you might like to bring a Princess into your heart and home, call us at 904-868-3308 or send us a message. An adoption application is required and can be found on our website on the forms/fees/policies page.  A short term foster is also needed, so if you are able to assist with that, please complete the foster application on our website.






Meet sweet Carissa.  Six years old, sweet as she can be, and looking for a forever home where she can receive the attention she needs and deserves.  Carissa is up to date on all vaccines, spayed, and heartworm negative.  She would do well in a home alone, or with another large dog as a companion, and certainly with children.  She loves children!  She would not do well with small dogs or cats.  If you think you might like to meet this sweetheart, just go to www.coastalgrr.org to the forms/fees/policies page and complete our adoption application.  Be sure to tell us that Carissa is calling your name!!!!





Say hello to Luke! Luke is 8 years old, beautiful as you can see, and looking for a new home. He is very sweet, loves kids, and seems to prefer being the only dog in his home. Because he’s afraid of thunderstorms, we are hoping to find someone who is home most of the time so that he doesn’t have to go through every storm alone. He is crate-trained, up to date on all vaccines, heartworm negative, neutered, and has a microchip. If you would like to wake up to this precious dog everyday, please give us a call or send us a message. We would require that anyone interested complete an adoption application on our website on the forms/fees/policies page. We hope to hear from you soon!






Everyone keeps calling me cutie, but my real name is LEO!! I’m a 7 month old Lab mix and am getting excited about my new life. My mom is moving and unable to have a dog where she’s going, so lucky for me, she called Coastal! I’m at the vet getting vaccines, a microchip, and neutered tomorrow. I NEED A FOSTER FAMILY! If you would like to foster me, I would be so grateful. I am housetrained, crate trained, walk well on a leash, love kids and people, know some basic commands, and am very, very sweet. I’m still a small boy at around 30 pounds, so I won’t be any trouble! Just write or call Coastal and tell them you want to foster LEO!!!!









Irvin has arrived and he’s ready to play! Irvin came to us from a South Carolina shelter and we think he is about 2 or 3 years old. He is current on his vaccines, housetrained, very friendly and sweet. Irvin would do best in a home that has a fenced yard so he can run off some of his energy. If you would like to foster (or adopt) Irvin, please call us at 904-868-3308 or email us at info@coastalgrr.org A foster application is required and can be found on the forms/fees/policies page of our website.












It surely is spring, as we have yet another Daisey blooming!! This Daisey is not quite a year old and is an English Cream Golden with a bit of Great Pyrenees mixed in – in other words, she is gorgeous! Her family feels they cannot provide a safe environment for her in the very busy neighborhood where they live, as she is an escape artist, so they called us to find her a new home. Daisey loves all people, kids, and other dogs and knows some commands. She is still a puppy, so is hyper and excited a lot of the time. She just needs some attention and exercise. She is current on all vaccines and has her own microchip.  Stay tuned as we will share updates we receive from her foster family.









Miss Scarlett has arrived! We welcome 6 year old Scarlett to Coastal. Brought to St. Johns County Animal Services as a stray, Scarlett appears to have been “out” for quite some time. Her family never claimed her, so we will make sure she finds a new, loving home. Scarlett is being spayed this week and has now received all vaccines, a microchip, and is heartworm negative. She has some skin irritations, so will need to have medicated baths at our rescue vet until she’s well. She is very, very sweet and would make a wonderful fur child for someone with love to share. We are still looking for a foster family where she can go when she has been spayed this week. If you can open your heart to foster Scarlett, please let us know.






A 60 pound, 1-1/2 year old cutie named Grace has just arrived! Her family’s schedule is such that they cannot spend enough time with her, so they made the tough decision to let Coastal find her a new home. She is described as both “laid back” and “high energy” so she certainly sounds like a typical Golden pup. Loves to be petted and hugged, enjoys chewing on her toys and playing with children and adults, and doesn’t appear to have any fears or issues – other than being very energetic. Grace is up to date on all vaccines, heartworm negative, and has a microchip.  She is crate trained, housebroken, rides well in cars, loves to walk, and knows some commands.  More updates as to her personality, as we hear from her foster family.





Meet Jeter. Jeter has been surrendered to us because his family is unable to give him the attention and care he needs. They are very sad, but we promised to find him the perfect home! Jeter is 6 years old, beautiful as you can see, and very smart. He knows quite a few commands, gets along with cats, dogs and children, and is very loving. He has a little fear of thunder and doesn’t like to be left alone, but he has never been destructive. He loves to play and is loyal to his family. Jeter will be neutered in a couple of days and spend a week or two with a foster family. He is current on all vaccines and has a microchip. Stay tuned for updates!






Coastal welcomes HARLEY, a 4 year old Golden boy, into rescue. His family had to move out of their home and into an apartment (with a 2 year old baby) and can no longer care for their Golden. He is reported to be very sweet, good with children, and he doesn’t bark. Stay tuned for more details!







This is another courtesy post for our valued veterinarian friend. Meet adorable little Maggie! With ears like that, how can you resist? Maggie was picked up as a stray, is spayed, 6 years old, has her own microchip, is very sweet and friendly with everyone, good with other dogs, doesn’t show interest in cats, and is housebroken. If you would like more information on Maggie, please email us at info@coastalgrr.org or call our rescue at (904) 868-3308.





Meet Clifford!  We met him this afternoon and he loves to give kisses and, of course, will do anything for a treat.  Clifford is an 11 month old male, plays well with others, and knows “sit”, “shake” and “down”.  Since he’s a young puppy, his attention span is short, but he loves attention and to play.  He was very interested in the kitties in the veterinarian office, but cautious.  We think he must have been popped once or twice.  LOL!  He is a sweetheart and Golden in color.  He looks to be a hound dog, but we think he may be a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  All muscle and very beautiful.  If you would like more information on Clifford, or would like to meet him, please email us at info@coastalgrr.org or call us at (904) 868-3308.  Clifford is waiting for your call!
Well, my parents had to give me up because of military deployment, but thank goodness they took me to a place where I could find a nice new home!  I am 10 years old, a very beautiful lady as I’m sure you will agree, very sweet and loving.  My vaccinations have been updated and I will soon have my very own microchip!  One thing I also have that I really don’t want or need is heartworms.  But the good folks at Coastal will get those pesky worms taken care of, and I’ll be as good as new in no time.  I am a very social girl and love being around people and other dogs.  As soon as my foster family gets to know me a little better, they will let everyone know more about my personality.  Stay tuned!
Hi!  I’m Toby, and I’m ready to play!!!!  I’m 10 months old and as cute and beautiful as a Golden Retriever ever was.  I’m up to date on my vaccinations, neutered, have my own microchip, and am looking for a wonderful new home.  I love, love, love, to play and chew on things, but if you make sure I have a bone or a tennis ball at all times, I’m one happy camper!  They tell me I need a little more training as I do love to pull on my leash when I’m being walked.  I sit on command, lie down and will wait when you tell me to – but only if I know you have a tasty treat waiting for me!  I would probably do best in an active family with the time and patience to train me in basic obedience – not pulling on my leash and not "mouthing" anything but my tennis balls!  I am housebroken and love to give and get kisses. A fenced backyard would be perfect for me to run off some of my endless energy at my age.  If you might like to meet me, to www.coastalgrr.org and complete an adoption application on the forms/fees/policies page.  Tell them Toby sent you!