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Good news for sure.  Allie is SO much better!  After spending a month with one of our rescue veterinarians for evaluation, she is now with a trainer for a week or two, after which she’ll be ready to go to a forever home or a foster.  Allie no longer acts fearful or stressed, and is now the sweet, fun-loving, cutie pie she was born to be.  In order to offer her the attention and environment that we feel would serve her best and make her most comfortable, we think a home where she can be the one and only fur baby would be best.  A fenced backyard would definitely be preferable so she can run and play, as she is an energetic 6 year old girl.  Because of her energy, it may be better for her to be in a home where there are no really young children.  If you would like to give Allie either her forever home, or a foster home to start, please call us at 904-868-3308, or email us at info@coastalgrr.org   We would need to receive a completed adoption or foster application from you, which can be located and completed through our website.  Just go to www.coastalgrr.org to the forms/fees/policies page and complete either form.  Allie is waiting for her new home and ready to love and be loved! 




Welcome sweet Gracie who arrived this morning.  Gracie is spending the day getting a bath, vaccinations, routine testing, and her own microchip!  She will be with her foster dad this afternoon and we will provide more details once we learn about her personality.  She is 14 and from all reports thus far, is very, very sweet and laid back.  More to follow!  Update:  Gracie’s foster dad reports that she is even sweeter than we thought, loves tummy rubs, and seems to enjoy being with her foster “sister” Princess, also a Golden Retriever.  After her exam at our veterinarian, we were told she has an eye infection, ear infection and some skin infections from all the fleas that were living in her coat.  With the antibiotics she is now taking, as well as the flea medication, her infections should quickly clear, and she should be good as new!

Gracie14Stan Lambert's photo.










Adopted …







They call me Abby.  I’m a bit confused right now since I had to leave my home due to financial difficulties my owners were having, but I have a really good feeling that I’m in a good place.  I already love my foster dad and foster sister, Princess, as I’m getting lots of attention and love.  I am a 10 year old girl who is now up to date on all my vaccines.  I even have my own microchip!  They tell me that I’m partially blind due to a previous infection, so I get drops put into my eyes everyday.  Since it makes me feel better, I can’t complain.  Spend one minute with me, and you’ll realize how sweet and loving I am.  I enjoy and appreciate every bit of attention that anyone will give me. I also love to ride in cars!  I sleep well through the night and am easy to handle on a leash.  I’m a very good girl, just looking for love in a forever home.  You won’t be sorry if you meet me – I’ll steal your heart!  Just go to the forms/fees/policies page on this website and complete an adoption application if you think you might like to make me your girl!  Be sure to mention that Sweet Abby sent you.










Hi!  My name is Bogart (as in Humphrey, Lauren Bacall, you probably know the story), and I just recently arrived in Jacksonville from Louisiana.  After wandering for awhile, I was picked up as a stray on the street, and boy, was that my lucky day!!  The kind folks in Louisiana brought me to Coastal, and my life has suddenly become wonderful.  I am a two year old, handsome (as I’m sure you can see!) boy, neutered, now current on all vaccines, have my own microchip, and have landed in a fantastic foster home with Ms. Mary Beth.  Unfortunately, I do have a case of those terrible heartworms, but those will be taken care of very soon, and I’ll be ready to run and play in hopefully, my forever home.  I get along with everyone, love all animals, and am a very, very good boy!  If you think you might like to meet me, just go to the forms/fees/policies page on this website and complete an adoption application.  Be sure to mention that Bogart sent you.  “Here’s looking at you, kid!”







Sydney is my name and I am one cute puppy, if I do say so myself!  I was picked up as a stray in Louisiana and taken to a shelter there.  The folks at Coastal heard about me and saw my cute picture and could not resist.  Just so there’s no question, I AM A SWEETHEART!  I love car rides, sitting in your lap, and giving lots of kisses.  I also love other dogs, love to play, and really love to be outside. I’ve been told I am great with older kids, but maybe my puppy energy is a little rough right now for smaller children.  After all, I’m only 8 months old, so I’m supposed to play like there’s no tomorrow (and I do!!)  I kinda like to nibble on you when you pet me, but you could probably could break me of that pretty quick. I am very good in my crate every night, but I get so excited when you let me out in the morning!  Energy overload!!  Although I’m not completely housebroken yet, it shouldn’t take long at all.  After all, I’ve only been here a couple of days.  I have been neutered, have all my vaccines, and have my own new microchip, so I’m good to go!  If you’d like to meet me, please go to the forms/fees/policies page on this site and complete the adoption application.  I’ll be waiting for you!








They call me Koda (I think that’s K-9 for fun-loving!).  As sad as it made my family, they found themselves in a situation where they can no longer take care of me.  I know they miss me, but I’m in good hands at Coastal and looking for a new home to call my own.  I am two years old,  up-to-date on all vaccines, have my own microchip, and the best news is that I am heartworm negative!!  I love to play, ALL the time!!  With a little bit of training and discipline, I should quickly learn to stay off the furniture.  At this point, everyone tells me that I would probably do best in a home without young children – as I said above, I love to play all the time, and sometimes I get a bit rambunctious.  As you can see in my pictures, I am one good-looking boy.  I’ve heard that I’m an English Cream Golden Retriever.  If I sound like a dog you may like to meet, the first step is to go to the forms/fees/policies page on this website and complete the adoption application.  Tell them I sent you!




Whoo hoo!  Marley is here!  That’s me, and you better believe things will get exciting when I’m around.  I’m just eight months old and full of energy.  I love to play and we’ll have plenty of fun if you take me home.  Everybody that I’ve met – and I’ve met lots of them since I came to Coastal – will tell you that I’m a sweetheart, besides being incredibly cute.  That’s a good thing, right?  I’m all puppy right now, which isn’t surprising so I’m sure I need somebody who’s very active like me, and probably they’re going to need some patience to work with me and help train me to be the perfect young lady, walk just right on a leash, and all of the etiquette things.  I’ve had all my vaccinations and, happily, although I was kept outside before, I don’t have those awful heartworms.  I’m going to have alot of love for the right person, so be sure to fill out an application on the forms/fees/policies page on this website.  They’ll find out if you and I are just right for each other.

Marley1 Marley2 Marley3











I just might be one of the luckiest dogs in the world.  I’ve been staying in a shelter in Tarboro, NC, wondering if anyone would ever come for me and FINALLY, my dream came true!  Coastal Golden Retriever Rescue received an email from an animal lover in North Carolina who heard about me, and she had a feeling that Coastal just might like to be my rescuer.  From what I have been hearing, I’m a cutie pie with a pretty red coat, on the smaller side which sometimes is a plus, and I love everyone and every dog I meet!  I am a happy boy and enjoy being petted and held and can’t wait to see where my forever home will be.  My foster brother, Murphy, and I are in one of the pictures below together.  I have had all of my vaccinations, have been neutered, and when I arrive in Jacksonville on Friday, they tell me I’ll get my very own microchip and then a heart worm test.  Paws crossed – that’s one test I definitely want to pass.  The shelter thinks I am probably around 3 years old, so I have a good life ahead of me.  If you also think I’m a cutie pie and want to meet me, go to the forms/fees/policies page on this website and complete an adoption application.  Be sure to mention that Indy is waiting for you!!!!










Sweet Sadie came into rescue as a surrender when her family could no longer care for her.  She was adopted immediately by her foster family, but they now are sad to have to give her back to Coastal, even though they love her.   Their little Poodle was very jealous of Sadie and won’t quit barking and biting at her, so they feel it’s not fair for Sadie to have to go through that on a daily basis.   Sadie is 5 years old and very sweet.  She is current on all vaccines, has a microchip, is heartworm negative, and loves all people and other animals.  Sadie even comes with her very own pair of white boots!  If you think you might be interested in meeting Sadie, please let us know.  If you have not completed an adoption application, that is a first step.






If you would like to meet one of the sweetest dogs on the planet, then I’d like to meet you too! My name is Daisy and I just turned 8 years old. I’m an AKC-registered Golden girl and the fact that I can’t see doesn’t keep me from enjoying life. I’m calm, gentle – and did I mention beautiful — and I adjust so well and quickly to my surroundings that you’d find it hard to believe I really can’t see.  I had a very sad accident awhile back, when a ball got stuck in my mouth and throat overnight, and it cut off my oxygen causing me to lose my eyesight. Unfortunately, my family was keeping me outside and my coat was all matted when I met the super-nice Coastal people, whose vet took care of all of that! From living outdoors all the time, I have to get heartworm treatment soon, but I have all my vaccines and my microchip and the vet says I’m just fine other than the vision thing. I love children, all people, in fact, and all animals, even kitties. I know some commands, like sit, shake and lie down, and I’ll be happy to learn some more.  My foster family says I’m great in the house and I ride well in the car too. I like it with them, but if you can open your heart and home to a special, loving lady, please go fill out an application at www.coastalgrr.org and tell them Daisy sent you!






Wow!  What a whirlwind couple of days for me, but it was worth the ride for sure.  My family couldn’t care for me any longer so they took me to the shelter in Columbia, S.C.  The people there are nice, but I was very confused and scared that I had been left for good.  Not so!  Coastal saw my picture and decided that I looked like I should belong to the “Golden club” in Florida.  Volunteers were busy on the phones and internet, finding a way to get me from Columbia to Charleston where a Golden lover had offered to take me along with him as he drove to Jacksonville.  That was yesterday, and I’m already loving my new life with my foster family at the beach!  I am two years old, neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations, have a microchip, and am heartworm negative.  My rescuers, Sheri and Kenny, will tell you that I am very, very sweet and a little shy at first.  But after a few minutes with you, my shyness disappears and I’m ready to play!  I know some commands and can walk well on a leash.  If you think you might like to have a Skipper in your life forever, just go to www.coastalgrr.org and complete an adoption application on the forms/fees/policies page.  Don’t forget to mention that Skipper from S.C. is the boy for you!





Hello, folks, I am Gus and I’m ready to meet my furever folks, whoever you are!  I am 3 years old and a handsome mix of Golden Retriever and Labrador, which is one of the best combinations you could ask for. The Coastal Rescue people love me, and they sure are nice to be with. As you might expect, I love playing, tennis balls and walking, and I’m getting pretty good at walking on a leash.

The vet gave me all my vaccinations, plus a microchip (and I behaved very well for all that). I’m very smart and I know lots of commands, and I get along fine with other dogs and cats, as well as people!

My only trouble is that I’m very afraid of thunderstorms, especially if I’m by myself when one starts crashing around me! They’re giving me some medicine that is helping, plus I have a Thundershirt to wear. Won’t you take me home and let me get comfortable with you, and help me get more used to storms? After all, we do have a good many of them in Florida! I hope you’ll fill out an application on the forms/fees/policies page of this website and let them know you like me!





Hi, I’m Allie and I’m one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet!  I’m 6 years old and have been living in a wonderful home until recently.  Sadly, my dad, an elderly gentleman who loved me and who I loved very much, passed away, and his family wanted to keep me but couldn’t due to their living conditions.  They were determined to find me the best possible new home, so they brought me to Coastal Golden Retriever Rescue and everybody here has been so very nice to me.  I’ve been to the vet and, of course, everything turned out just fine.  I’ve had all my vaccinations and they gave me my own microchip!  I’m just beautiful, with my golden silky coat, and they say I have a little bit of border collie in my background, making me look quite distinctive.  I’m just the right size, weighing about 68 pounds.  I’m ready to come home with you and be your perfect companion so please click on the Forms/Fees/Policies page on this website to complete an adoption application.  I hope to hear from you soon!






As difficult as it was for them, Xander’s family had to surrender him due to a military move to San Diego where their new apartment complex did not allow large animals.  Xander is current on his vaccines.  By all accounts, he is a wonderful dog -  five years old, very smart, loves to swim and play, but also enjoys cuddling with his family.  His new foster family, Carol and Billy Swinson, fell in love with him immediately and decided to adopt him.  We love these happy endings, and so do the Goldens!








CHARLIE   (This is a courtesy post for S.A.F.E. Pet Rescue, Inc. of St. Augustine, FL)   CHARLIE WAS ADOPTED!

Charlie is an incredibly sweet and mellow neutered 6 year old Golden Retriever mix with kisses for everyone he meets.  He is fantastic with all people, and is always looking to cuddle. He almost never barks. He is very selective about getting along with other dogs, especially males, and not good with cats.

**Charlie needs a special home that can accommodate his separation anxiety.  He is currently taking a daily medication to ease his anxiety, but must go to a home where someone is at home the majority of the time and can work with him on his destructive behaviors caused by his anxiety about being left alone. Crates and fences have been unsuccessful to date, and an experienced individual and further training are required.  He is an absolute love, and undoubtedly worth the effort.  He cannot go to an adopter who rents, must own home. ***

His story…  

Charlie (formerly “Floppy”) came to Florida via a rescue in the Cayman Islands who had taken him in when his family experienced a divorce and could no longer keep him.  Naturally, he was very sad and came to Florida where there would be more room for him, hoping for a new start.  He was received by Coastal Golden Retriever Rescue and went to a foster family with a stay at home mom, where he did very well until he was left alone for several hours one evening and became anxious.  Thinking he had been abandoned again, he scratched up and chewed some doors and walls trying to get outside, and the family returned him to the rescue.  He went to another foster, but could not stay because he kept chasing the cat in his new home.

Finally, Charlie came to SAFE and was doing very well being fostered by some college students who worked with him on his separation anxiety and gradually left him alone for longer periods of time until he could be loose in the home alone for over 4 hours without any issues.  He gets panicky when left enclosed in a single room or crate, but does fine when given the run of the apartment, with doors to smaller rooms closed. This took only 3 weeks to achieve, which shows that he just needs the right environment and he can adapt quickly.  He starts out very nervous at first, but with time and patience, he learns and adjusts very quickly.  After a month, he was completely fine to be left in the daytime, and only would occasionally act out if left alone for periods of time in the evening, outside of routine.  He damaged a few doorways in foster homes, as he was simply trying to get out. However, he did not destroy random objects or furniture. After having lived in one home for a long enough time, he will begin to feel safe and calm enough to be left alone whenever necessary.  He loves being around people, and welcomes all human attention.  He is sometimes aggressive with other dogs and always with cats.

Unfortunately, the students’ got much busier with work and school, and they did not have the time to keep working with him. He is at SAFE to find someone who can be with him and give him the permanent home he needs.  He must be given a pill once a day, for the time being, to help with his anxiety.  So far, it has shown good results and with the right caring person/family he will be able to feel secure and overcome his anxiety so he can be happy and relaxed again when left by himself.











As you can tell, I’m a lady who’s seen better times!  Being a Golden Retriever, it was pretty surprising that I found myself out there on the streets as a stray, homeless, and scared.  I coped the best I could, but I usually couldn’t find enough to eat or a cozy place to sleep, and I was tormented by all those itchy fleas who moved in and made me lose a lot of my coat that was so pretty and soft once upon a time.  But now all that is over!  The Coastal folks found out about me and, believe me, they really rescued me, better than I could even imagine.  I’ve had a warm bath, been to the vet and gotten started on a nice make-over.  The folks who took me in had tears in their eyes, but I saw alot of smiles once I started getting the VIP treatment!  I’ve had all my tests and vaccinations and such, got my own microchip, and I’m on some good medicine for that awful flea situation.  Best of all, I’m living in a fantastic foster home, and I love my wonderful people here!  I feel like I’m in doggie paradise now.  I’m about 4 or 5 years old, they say — I really wish I could remember my birthday, but that’s okay as I’m so happy.  I love everybody I’ve met so far.  I’m loving this good food too, so I won’t be so thin, and before long, I should have my beautiful golden shiny coat back.  Hope is a perfect name for me, as I’ve been hoping all this time that somebody would take care of me.  And I hope to have a nice happy home soon where I can settle in and start life over.  I’ll promise to love you forever if we belong together, so why don’t you go right over to the forms/fees/policies page on this website and send in your application?  Tell them you feel like having Hope is a terrific idea!








Hi, folks!  I’m A.J. and I’m one happy guy now that I’m in my new foster home.  My owner was sad to give me up, but he wasn’t able to give me as much time as I should have, so he did the best thing for me.  He said he thought I was about

13, but the Coastal doctor said I’m more like 8!  Don’t you think I look handsome and debonair?  The volunteers at Coastal say I am, and they already know I’m loyal and attentive, ride nicely in a car and love everybody — what more could you want?  Sure, I enjoy my naps as much as anybody, but I have a playful, friendly spirit.  At the vet, I had a thorough check-up, got my vaccinations and everything, even got a microchip.  I’m gentle and I love everybody and everything.  Well, cats not so much.  If you’d like a Golden Retriever who would fit right in with a peaceful, loving home, let the Coastal people know, and be sure to complete the application on the forms/fees/policies page on this website.  Tell them you saw A.J.’s lovely photo portfolio!









I’m Evangelina and I’m 6 years old, just the right age to come and live with you, if you’re looking for a sweet, lovable, and, of course, BEAUTIFUL girl!  I had a nice home, but my people, although they loved me, felt they didn’t really have enough time for me, so they brought me to the Coastal Rescue group.  Wow!  I thought I was happy enough before, but these people are giving me the time of my life.  My foster family is fantastic, and I love this place.  I even have a pool here!  I love the water and have a terrific time sweimming, also going for walks, running and playing and exploring the outdoors, but I’m happy in the house as well.  I behave well, as you would expect from a Golden who is part Lab – the perfect mix, don’t you think?  I’ve had my vet exam, am up to date on vaccinations, and best of all, I’m heartworm negative.  I get along great with grown-ups, older kids, cats and other dogs.  So if you think you might like to meet me and maybe take me home, I’d like to meet you too. The way to do it is to complete an application on the forms/fees/policies page on this website.  Tell them you think Evangelina might be just right for you!







Ace is sure the perfect name for me.  According to the dictionary, to be an ace, you are excellent, fantastic, awesome, and my personal favorite – a champion!  It was my lucky day when someone picked me up off the street, as I had been wandering and wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me.  The good folks at Coastal made sure I had everything I needed in the way of medical assistance, including treating me for heartworm disease and having me neutered.  I’m good to go to a forever home now, and although I can get along with other dogs (there is a cute Golden girl in my foster home), my favorite home would probably be one where I’m the king.  I do like being an alpha dog.  I also love to be petted, have my belly rubbed, and get lots of affection and affirmation.  My coat is soft, shorter than the usual Golden coat, and very easy to maintain.  My foster dad thinks I’m around 2 years old and I definitely love to pretend I’m a young puppy!  If you think you’d like to live with an awesome dog, please go to www.coastalgrr.org and complete an adoption application on the forms/fees/policies page.  Tell them the ACE sent you!











I may be the most beautiful copper-colored Golden Retriever you’ve ever seen! Boy, am I ever glad I was rescued. Before that, I had been tied outside with no protection from the weather, but the Coastal folks got me to a vet and I’m now just fine. I’ve had all my vaccinations, got rid of some terrible heartworms, and am loving the wonderful new life here. They say I’m acting just like a one year old puppy, rather than the mature, almost 5 year old boy that I am. It has been great to run and play in a nice big back yard. I am very friendly and very playful, and of course quite affectionate. I am current on all vaccines and heartworm negative.  Although it’s not certain, it is thought that Maxwell might just be a kitty cat chaser!  If you think you might like to meet me, go to Coastal’s website at www.coastalgrr.org and click on the adoption application which is on the Forms/Fees/Policies page. Don’t forget to mention that Maxwell sent you!







I don’t know why I’m here, but I think I must have hit the jackpot, as I’m now living the Golden life with my new foster dad and “Princess” a beautiful Golden girl.  One day, I found myself out on the streets; the next thing I knew, I was picked up and taken to the Humane Society – sounds sad, but I’m thinking it must have been my lucky day!

My foster dad calls me a mature Golden at just 3 years of age, but that’s probably because I’m a very good boy!  I mind well; am attentive and inquisitive; know some commands; walk well on a leash most of the time; sleep through the night; and sure don’t act like a wild and crazy puppy.  One of my favorite things to do is to take rides in my foster dad’s car with the windows open so that the wind blows my face and ears.  Now that’s my kind of fun!  But I also love to play with my toys and certainly enjoy attention and affection from people – all ages!  I am playful and very good around other dogs and kids.  One important note is that I am housebroken, and my dad has been able to determine that I’ve had prior “inside” experience.  Like I said, I’m a very good boy and you don’t have to worry about my disturbing the neighbors – I am very quiet and don’t bark unless there’s a good reason.  Although I’m a little thin, my dad will tell you that I’m eating like a horse, so I should be back to a normal weight very soon.  He’s fixing me some really great meals, and I’m loving it!

The folks at Coastal have taken care of having me neutered, mircochipped, and brought current on all my vaccinations.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t kept on a heartworm preventive in the past, so I have to have those pesky things taken care of.  I am scheduled for heartworm treatments on September 23 and 24, after which, I’ll be adoptable and “good to go” to my furever home!  If you think I might be the boy you’ve been waiting for, please complete an adoption application on the forms/fees/policies page on Coastal’s website, but don’t forget to mention that Jackson sent you!








Can you tell that I am one of the most beautiful young ladies around?  That’s what everybody tells me, so I admit I’m getting to be a little proud of my looks.  But not only that, I am super-sweet and have a perfect Golden attitude toward life and fun!  I’m three years old and full of energy. My owner was having a lot to do, between college and work, and she felt like I should have a family that could devote more time to me, so she called the Coastal people to help find me a new home. I was diagnosed with epilepsy a while back, but I’m on medication to take care of that, and I’m a very good girl about taking my medicine!  I love people, children, and other dogs — in fact, at my foster home I have some terrific foster brothers & sisters to play with.  My foster mom says I’m thriving on all the activity and I’m very well behaved.  That’s good, because I know a lot of people will be wanting to make me part of their family!  So, go fill out the application now on the Coastal website (www.coastalgrr.org), and be sure to mention Marley!





My foster dad is telling everyone I’m a love muffin!  I guess that’s a good description because I sure do love being close to him and will lay at his feet and sleep next to his bed.  Guess you could say I crave attention.  I’m a bit smaller than the usual Golden girls, weighing in at about 53 pounds, but although I’m smaller, I am just as sweet and loveable as the larger girls!  I am around 6 years old and get along well with other dogs and children.  One of my favorite things is to ride in the car, but although I will walk on a leash, I’m still pulling so I need a little work in that area.  I am up to date on all my vaccines, microchipped, heartworm negative, spayed and in good health.  I am on an antibiotic for a bladder infection right now, but that should be gone soon.  My previous family was having financial difficulties and could no longer care for me, but wanted me to have a good new home, so they called Coastal.  I would love to meet you and hope you’ll go to the forms/fees/policies page on the website and complete an adoption application.  Tell them you want to meet the Spice girl!


Spice1Spice2   spice4SPICE5