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Adoption Fees
Golden Puppies: 0 – 11 mos.  =  $400
Goldens: Ages 1 – 4 yrs.  =  $375
Goldens: Ages 5 – 7 yrs.  =  $350
Senior Goldens: 8+  =  $300
Special Needs:  TBD on case-by-case basis

Doodles:  Higher in cost, case-by-case

Fee, Return & Refund Policy
The adoption fee listed above is payable upon receipt of this Golden Retriever. As is the case with all adoption fees, these funds will be used to offset the cost of medical care for our rescued Golden Retrievers.

Due to the unknown background of many of our rescues, as well as insurance restrictions,  we regret that we are unable to adopt rescued Goldens over the age of 1 to families with children younger than 5 years of age.

Coastal Golden Retriever Rescue of Florida (CGRRF) requires that all adopted Golden Retrievers MUST be returned to CGRRF in the event that the adoption is unsatisfactory for any reason. Additionally, the Golden may not be sold, transferred or given away to any other parties (this includes other family members, relatives, friends, neighbors). Further, CGRRF may take possession of this Golden Retriever if it is found to be neglected in any way, not receiving proper care, or it is allowed out of the owner’s yard, unsupervised.

Full refund if the dog is returned within 14 days; 50% refund if the dog is returned between 15 and 30 days; and no refund after 30 days, unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise, at the discretion of CGRRF. If returned, the Golden must be in the same condition as it was on adoption day, or the refund will be reduced to cover any costs associated with restoring the Golden to its adoption day condition.

Healthcare Commitment
New owners should expect their new Golden to be microchipped, heartworm negative, wormed, spayed or neutered, and vaccinated prior to finalizing the adoption. Our expectation is that the adopting family will keep their Golden in good health, receiving annual/3-year vaccinations (including rabies), receiving monthly heartworm and flea prevention medication, and wearing a collar at all times with owner’s contact information.

Microchip Policy
All CGRRF rescued Goldens are microchipped, with CGRRF listed as a secondary point of contact. In the event the above listed Golden is picked up by local animal control services, and unclaimed by you after 72 hours of pickup notification, the Golden will be returned to CGRRF.

Expectations of Owners
Many times, animals that have been rescued are fearful of thunder, fireworks and other loud noises. They can be food possessive, toy possessive, and crave attention. We expect the new owner to take whatever precautions are necessary to prevent their Golden from harming another person or animal during these times. We recommend that you NEVER leave children unattended with your dog. CGRRF Goldens MUST be kept as inside dogs, never being left alone outside when you are not home, at night, or in seasonal extreme heat or cold. Proper food, shelter, medical attention, love and companionship must be provided by the new owner. No dog should be transported, at any time, in the back of an open vehicle. We expect our Goldens to ride in the back seat of a car, or be crated or restrained in another manner, while being transported.

We want to make a difference

Coastal Golden Retriever Rescue of Florida is recognized by the Golden Retriever Club of America – National Rescue Committee, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our adoption areas cover the north to central Florida region.

Just an informational note: 

We give our foster families first choice to adopt the Golden they are fostering, so if you are submitting an adoption application for a specific Golden you've seen on our site, please inquire as to whether or not the foster family intends to adopt the Golden. 

The Adoption Agreement/Contract is for your reference and can be downloaded but this form must be completed and submitted in person.


Forms, Fees, & Policies

The Adoption Agreement/Contract is for your reference and can be downloaded but this form must be completed and submitted in person.


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